Give Them a Doggone New Look

Safe and humane hair dying for dogs in Longview, Texas

Dog hair dying is the latest trend in dog grooming. If you want your pup to rock a truly unique look, you can safely dye their coat for a radiant and eye-catching appearance. Karen’s Pampered Pups offers safe and all-natural hair dying services for dogs in Longview, Texas. Whether you want to dye their entire coat or highlight a couple areas, you can rely on our dog groomers for exceptional results. Visit our dog grooming salon today to explore options for your pup.

Be safe when you’re dying your dog’s fur

Please, under no circumstances, use hair coloring products intended for humans on your pet’s fur. Your pet’s skin could have a serious reaction to the human hair dye. Also, your pet’s first reaction to any foreign substance is to lick it off. Human hair dye is toxic and could cause severe problems.

Trust Karen’s Pampered Pups for safe hair dying services. There are an array of hair dye options for dogs that are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Easily washable
  • Bright and fun in color

Contact our dog groomers today to discuss package options for your pup. We can trim and shampoo their coats, too!